TAL YARDEN is a video artist, filmmaker, and lighting designer. He is a resident lighting and projection designer for Conway & Pratt’s site-specific installations including, Too Close to Home, As a Dream that Vanishes and A Woman’s Work is Never Done. He has created projection designs including film, video and slides since 1990 for works by numerous directors and choreographers including Reza Abdoh’s Tight Right White and Quotations from a Ruined City and Stephen Petronio’s Not Garden (with Patricia Fox) and The King is Dead (with Cindy Sherman), Tim Feldmann’s Twin-Project, Mark Wing-Davey’s Monkey in the Middle, and Tina Landau’s Stonewall. He has designed lights for John Jesurun’s Chang in a Void Moon and Mikel Rouse’s Dennis Cunningham. He has also created visual designs for DD Dorvillier, Mia Lawrence, Kyle de Camp, Patricia Hoffbauer and George Sanchez, Circus Flora, Jim Simpson, Jo Andres, Margarita Guergue, Aaron Landsman, Clarinda Mac Low and Nina Martin. In 1994, he co-founded the theater company Chashama for which he created the site-specific shows Jr. Black’s Office and Disease Machine.

In May, 2000 Tal Yarden and Patricia Fox will premier their new work at Chashama’s 111 42nd Street Space. He began collaborating with Patricia Fox in 1997 with video designs for Mona 7 and Stephen Petronio’s Not Garden. In 1999 they created Corpus Exquisitus, a site-specific multi-media performance which The Village Voice described as an “experimental hybrid collage (that) has an undeniable sneaky charm. During the summer of 2000 they completed the video design for Ivo van Hove’s new version of RENT in Amsterdam. Through their company, EyeMag Media Inc they have created video installations for Visionaire Publications, TSE, Holland & Holland, Reflect.com, Oil of Olay, Tokyo Street Pop and The Fashion Center