Project Description

The Josh Dunbar Living Memorial Enclosure was presented at the Fitchburg Art Museum in Fitchburg, MA. from September 1997 to January 1998. The project discussed the worth of a life, juxtaposing the contents of an old man’s apartment with the pristine walls of the museum. We created a small walk-through room within the museum space, using many of the original contents of his living room put behind cordons -- a repository of his life and mementos, also filled with debris. The floors of the small room were covered with actual letters he had written us, under varnish, and the walls were “wall-papered” with handwritten excerpts from tapes he made for us annotating his life. The exhibit also featured a video we made of him demonstrating his legacy to the world -- a “throat technique” he found helpful. The exhibit was a continuation of an excerpt from As A Dream that Vanishes, made site-specific for the museum setting.