Conway & Pratt Projects, Inc. is a creative collaboration dedicated to mending divisions between art and daily life. The partnership creates highly original art work that combines elements of performance and multi-media installation, using both low and high art forms. The work explores themes of current social interest, using a female perspective in a long and vigorous collaborative development. Conway & Pratt is dedicated to finding shape for experience not represented in colloquial discourse -- experience that often has no official expression, is communicated between the cracks of language, denied, or taught in the encoded gestures of domestic life.

Since they began working together in 1986, Merry Conway and Noni Pratt have been bringing people together as active participants in unusual cultural events. The projects they make actively forge community relationships for development of material, consciously draw a large non-art as well as an art audience from a highly diverse population to the work, challenge accepted artistic forms, and expand the concept of traditional performance spaces.