Tea With Trish: The Movement Work of Trish Arnold
Tea With Trish is a 2-DVD set that presents a comprehensive look at the vibrant approach to movement for actors, developed by Trish Arnold, through classroom exercise and in-depth commentary.
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Trish Arnold

June 19, 1918–February 2, 2017

The Guardian

Trish Arnold, who has died aged 98, was a pioneer of movement training for actors. In 1955, she accepted an offer to teach movement at the London drama school Lamda, in a role created to meet the challenges of postwar theatre and the changing physical life needed on stage. No longer evoking the upper-class characters of Noël Coward, the new playwrights wrote about working-class people and they needed actors who could really inhabit these roles. Traditional movement training might have involved elocution, fencing and a bit of traditional dance, but Trish set about creating a new way of working, which later became known as Pure Movement....

The Scottish Herald

TRISH Arnold, a native of Peebles who has died aged 98, was a ballet dancer who pioneered Pure Movement, a revolutionary alternative form of dance-teaching, specifically to help actors move naturally on both stage and screen to fit their role....

The Stage

Trish Arnold pioneered an innovative approach to the teaching of movement and dance specifically designed for actors that is now widely employed across the theatre industry and in education....