Tea With Trish: The Movement Work of Trish Arnold
Tea With Trish is a 2-DVD set that presents a comprehensive look at the vibrant approach to movement for actors, developed by Trish Arnold, through classroom exercise and in-depth commentary.
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Please click here to check out this recent article from Jackie Snow, Head of Movement at RADA, featured on the Tea With Trish DVDs.

"Trish Arnold was my movement teacher when I was a student at LAMDA in the 1950's. The exercises she taught us brought much-needed physical embodiment and energy to Iris Warren’s voice work, and she and I began to collaborate when I returned to LAMDA as a teacher. As my teaching developed her work became seamlessly integrated with the voice exercises known as Freeing the Natural Voice. Her detailed explorations of the spine, the exercises she has devised that stimulate the vivid experience of impulse, of release and the energy derived from gravity and momentum, are of immeasurable value to the actor. I welcome with great enthusiasm this record of her work, which must be embraced as a central contribution to the art of teaching stage movement."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Kristin Linklater
Author of Freeing the Natural Voice
Head of Acting, Theatre Arts Division of Columbia University

"An invaluable record of Trish Arnold's work in the field of movement for actors.”
------------------------------------------------------------------------Jane Gibson
Head of Movement at The National Theatre London (1990-2000)

"Trish Arnold is a legendary teacher and remarkable person. Not only is this an extraordinary record of dedication to actor training, it documents the lineage and the brilliant women she influences. Practical insights and the exercises built for the movement of actors are invaluably recorded. It is the next best thing to being in class with Trish, and what a privilege that is. Anyone serious about actor movement and training must see Tea with Trish!"
------------------------------------------------------------------------Natsuko Ohama
Actor Trainer and Voice Teacher

"It's funny the people we carry around with us. I really only knew Trish in class at Lamda in the mid-60's. Then 3 years later we made contact in New York when I had a group at LaMama struggling with the Grotowski work we were trying to incorporate into our own. I was pleased and really nervous when she expressed interest in our work and wanted to check it out. She showed up at the Ninth Street loft in her tights ready to work and we had a few wonderful sessions. She was so open and willing and curious, especially about the Cat exercise. She not only helped me put the work into a perspective that had begun with her, she made some very practical suggestions that made it clear that she understood the objective and value of the work.
I think it was the humility of the woman that blew me away. Here was this person - the first person who got me into my body - expanding her deep and extensive working information with a former student who was trying to find himself in the downtown New York theatre scene of the 60's.
But Trish was the first teacher I had that taught me how to inhabit my body. She introduced me to my spine. I began a relationship with my body that thankfully continues today and that has deeply informed my work with students."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Andrew J. Robinson
Director, MFA Program, University of Southern California

"It is only recently after many years of directing and teaching actors movement that I am beginning to fully appreciate the profoundity of Trish Arnolds work.
Interestingly enough this recognition came about from actually watching and studying this remarkable DVD."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Sue Lefton
Director/ Choreographer/ Movement Director
Former Head of Movement at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Former Movement Director at The RSC

"As a member of Kristin Linklater's first Voice Teacher Training program, I had encounted movement work attributed to A Trish Arnold. I met her one long ago summer in Lenox, Mass., where we were both teaching at Shakespeare & Co.—she Movement and I Voice. Two areas of training so intertwined that one cannot happen freely without the other. Trish's movement work stems from what a free body does naturally. Its value is more than exercises done by rote, but rather experiencing the myriad of movement possibilities in your body. How wonderful that Trish Arnold's work will get a larger audience through the use of these DVDs. Her contribution to giving voice to movement is preeminent."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Fran Bennett
Voice Teacher at California Institute of The Arts
Former Head of Acting/Director of Performance at Cal Arts

"In this important documentary, Trish Arnold talks of her work in a stream of consciousness, refreshingly free of jargon. With embodied wisdom, she imparts the exuberance of a swing and the wonder of physical suspension. These are not presented as commodities for teachers to consume, but, rather, as in-the-body experiences guided by an authentic, original master teacher. Trish’s inimitable teachings are here to be absorbed and savored; not copied, but emulated."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Louis Colaianni

"My first encounter with Trish was in a workshop at Shakespeare & Co. Seems that my experience came full circle when I watched Trish move, and saw that she too is a dancer who has transformed the beautiful inner grace and power of a dancer into her teaching for actors.
Watching her on this video, watching her students moving through her swings and detailed movement patterns gives me a renewed longing and desire to continue her work in my classrooms at Brandeis. For years I have taught what I learned in my body from Trish, and it can be defined by a simple term: the body is resilient and Trish taught me to always trust my body’s ability to fall and recover in a perfect repetition of life's gift. Trish's work awakens the mind so that the eyes can reach the audience through the body's brilliance.
The documentation of her work is a gift for those of us who have grown with and through her guidance and example as a treasured movement teacher. It gives me the opportunity to learn more about what she has taught me."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Susan Dibble
Louis, Frances and Jeffrey Sachar Professor of Creative Arts
Chair, Theater Arts Department, Brandeis University