Production Crew

Created and presented by Conway & Pratt in collaboration with Gregor Paslawsky


Merry Conway, Hall Hunsinger, Karen Kandel, Lisa Mayo, Natsuko Ohama, Elena Parres, Rebecca Perrin, Antoinette Pflimlin, Noni Pratt, Tanya Selvaratnam

Musicians - Daphne Hellman, Misha Kogan, Oksana Tarasova

Head Guides - Cecil MacKinnon and Nora York

Production Stage Manager - Patricia Fox

Installation Design and Fabrication - Gregor Paslawsky

Light Design and Projects Manager - Tal Yarden

Assistant Lights and Projection Design - Mike Taylor

Sound Design - Janet Kalas

Associate Sound Design and Sound Board Operator - Alicia Mathewson

Costume Consultant - Candace Donnelly

Seamstress - Michelle Phillips, Rachelle Hansen

Project Manager - Kim Guzowski

Master Electrician and Technical Design - Eva Pinney

Assistant Stage Manager - Cate Bristol

Projection Operator and Second Assistant Stage Manager - Debra Hilborn

Light Board Operator - Julie Atlas Muz

Fabrication Crew - Ralph Martin, Tom Schall, Peter Waring

General Assistance - Katt Lissard

Films - Conway & Pratt Video

Documentation - Richard Rogers